Our outdoor play areas allow our canine guests time for fresh air and pottybreaks!
Individual playtimes are designed for your pet's entertainment and well-being.

Our bright and cheerful, state of the art facility is completely air-conditioned, heated, and odor-free. Your pet will relax listening to great music.

We proudly serve Healthy Life Nutrition Purina Dog Chow. We will gladly serve any food that you bring, free of charge.

You are welcome to bring your pet's bed, favorite toys and treats.

A regular grooming program not only makes your dog or cat look and smell better, but adds to the quality of their overall health.

Regular bathing, brushing, ear-cleaning and nail-trimming are just a few of the services that we offer.

  • Grooming by appointment. 330-722-4372.
  • Spa packages are available, including: shampoo and brush-out, haircuts, body massage, pedicures and much more!
  • Finish your pet's vacation with a bath or a full-groom. It's a great way to go home looking and feeling fantastic.
  • Don't forget about your feline friend!  Cats benefit from grooming services as well.  Your cat will be purrfectly pampered with a bath, blow-dry and brush-out.

Monday - Friday 7AM - 6PM
Saturday 8AM - 4PM

Sunday 8AM - 4PM
By Appointment